Chris Bagg

Sharp Content for Today's Audience


My name is Chris Bagg and I create online content that your customers will enjoy reading, forging connections between the two of you that go beyond your product. I write blog posts, investigative profiles, monument content, eBooks, press releases, web and ad copy, and I do so quickly, efficiently, and professionally. If you need something edited for impact, so your copy can rise above the static of corporate verbiage, I can help. In short, if you are looking for words that capture your customer’s attention and entertains at the same time, I am the sellword for you. 

The Most Important Voice in the Room is You

When crafting copy for a company, the most important question I ask is “What do you want to sound like?” When you work with me, I make your desired tone of voice my standard of success. Whether you want your copy to inspire interest, irreverence, connection, humility, confidence, or action, I suit my work to your needs, your needs to my work. Whatever outcome your project aims at, it should match your company’s goals and values, and I will make that discovery a part of my work with you. Have a look at what some of my past customers have to say about how I have created value for them.

"Generating compelling copy on a tight schedule isn't always possible in my busy role at Rudy Project, so when I need something that is excellent, clear, and timely Chris Bagg is my go-to wordsmith!"
Chris Lupo
Rudy Project North America
"I’ve been working with Chris Bagg for many years as a freelance writer and have really enjoyed every single project we’ve created together. He’s a great writer that takes a thoughtful approach to his work, and always goes above and beyond to ensure that your visions and thoughts are achieved via the words he writes."
Sean Watkins
Plush Global/Wattie Ink.
"Chris' professionalism, quick turnaround time, and high quality content are the qualities we need to deliver on our brand promise to our customers. His creativity and communication skills make working with him an easy call for us."
Mark Goddard
Zoot Sports

Clients I've Worked With

I’ve had the privilege of working with many amazing clients in the past, all of whom have sharpened my abilities to deliver for you. My work has appeared in the pages of Surfer’s Journal, Cyclocross Magazine, and Mountain Flyer. Online I have written for ENVE Composites, Rudy Project North America, Wattie Ink., PLUSH Global, USA Triathlon, and Zoot Sports, to name a few.