Services and Pricing

Written content is more important than ever. Tell the story you want in the way you want it told, bringing more customers and more attention to your brand through brisk, contemporary prose.

Research and Strategy

Before you order content, you need to know what content your customers are looking for, and a plan to put that content in front of them. I will research your market terms, generating content topics and then building a strategy to tell those stories to your readers. Click here for an example of how I helped Wattie Ink. educate their customers about the merits of their high-end triathlon and cycling apparel. Billed hourly at $75/hr.

Written content marketing takes many different shapes these days: blog posts, advertorial, long form profiles, monument or foundation content. After doing the research to discover what your customer wants to learn about, I craft stories and articles that package that information in an entertaining and interesting manner. Do you have an ambassador you’d like to feature in a long-form profile? Do you need a piece of evergreen monument content that draws in new customers every year? Do you need a series of blog posts around a new product? Follow the links below for examples of my work. Billed at .30 cents/word.

Copywriting and Copyediting

Quick, effective copy is crucial today. Potential customers leave pages like this one every single second. Good copy hooks your customer and draws them in. Boring copy (or, worse, copy that draws attention through editorial mistakes such as typos or grammatical errors) turns your customer off. I can either create new copy for you that works…or fix the ineffective copy you have. Copywriting is billed at .30 cents/word and editing at $75/hr.

Press Releases

Press releases can be barges of unforgivable corporate verbiage, or they can be brisk and lively vehicles for your company’s news. Whether it is a partnership, a milestone, or a new offering, let me help you craft your next press release with humor and precision. Follow the links below for some examples of my work in this realm. Billed at .30 cents/word.


Yes, of course! Please contact me and I can build a custom quote for what you need.

I pride myself on working professionally, providing clients with their copy on a timely basis. Work is done on a “first in, first out” basis. If you need something rushed, we can do that, but with a surcharge.

Let Me Amplify Your Message

Good copy leads to more interest and attention. Interest and attention funnel down to more sales. You’re leaving money on the table if your copy isn’t excellent. Contact me today.