Stuff I Have Gotten to Write

I am equally at home working with large and small companies as part of their marketing teams, developing and implementing content strategies that help meet those firms’ goals. I have created hundreds of original pieces of content, ranging from long form investigative journalism in the pages of Cyclocross MagazineSurfer’s Journal, or Mountain Flyer to 50-word product descriptions that actually interest customers. Recent editorial projects include helping build out the PLUSH Global website, and I have a proven track record of delivering polished and professional work on tight deadlines.


Whatever you hire me for, you’ll get someone who is committed to saying it differently, to shying away from cliché and the easy conjugation. You’ll get someone who knows how to tell a story, because you know what your customer wants? They want to be the hero of their own story, so your content better suggest you’ve got something story worthy. Let me help.

How Awesome is Your Content?

Don’t use staid, boring, dyed-in-the-wool content when today’s audience expects more.