Copyediting and Copywriting


Do you have something that’s not quite right, but you’re not sure how to fix it? I can help you activate and trim existing copy, so it moves from vague to viable. I have edited articles, web and print copy, personal essays, creative writing, screenplays, and a lot more. Whether you’re a high school senior who needs help with a college essay, or a struggling one-person shop who quickly needs to fix your public copy, I can help. Many times, the best thing an editor can do is to offer a fresh set of eyes, a new perspective that can unlock what you’re trying to say.


Writing copy is hard! You need to grab your reader, differentiate your product, shoot your shot, and do it all it in 50 words or fewer most of the time, because if you don’t interest them quickly they are gone. Copy can be dutiful but dull, so think about how I can help turn your product copy from “we just need a description on the webpage” to “our customers enjoy reading about our product almost as much as they enjoy using our product.” How is that possible? By remembering that everything—even a basic product description—needs to read like a crucial piece of equipment that makes your customer’s story possible.