The Internet is a tough place to get your message across. Let me help.

About Me

I’ve done a bunch of things in the real world: acted, cooked, taught, coached, written, and raced. When I’m not reading a book, riding my bike,  making other endurance athletes fast, or cooking, you’re likely to find me writing or thinking about writing.

I heartily believe that good writing, good storytelling, can make the difference between a successful endeavor and one that falls flat. Despite the rise in visual media, humans still hunger to tell stories, read stories, and live at the center of their own story. I love to find the words that makes someone sit up and understand, whether the content is a straightforward press release or something you need to feel to believe.

Think about the last time you read something truly arresting. Didn’t your world suddenly expand, as if you’d opened a door in your house and found a room you never knew existed? That’s what good writing can do, expanding your audience’s sense of what you can deliver to them. I love discovering those moments for clients, and I hope to do the same for you.

I’ve written for Surfer’s Journal, Cyclocross Magazine, Mountain Flyer Magazine, RaceCenter NW, Wattie Ink., ENVE Composites, Rudy Project, USA Triathlon, Zoot Sports, and many others. Whether you need product copy, long-form profiles, monument content to anchor your brand, blog posts, or press releases, let me deliver for you.


Phone: + 1 719 440 5248
IG: @christopherbagg
8075 SE 16th Ave Portland OR 97202