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Sponsor Spotlight: Fuse Lenses

Jfuse_lenses_logoust over a month ago, down at Wildflower, I was having lunch with Matt Lieto, and he pointed to the Oakleys perched atop my hat and said: “Oakleys? I thought you were sponsored by a company called Fuse Lenses.” I realized then that I had a messaging issue I needed to rectify.


The short answer is, yes, Fuse Lenses is a sunglasses company; you can get shades of many different companies through them: Oakley, Spy Optic, Ray Ban…pretty much anything out there. What they really do, though, is make your current sunglasses better. I’ll give you an example. I love racing with Oakleys, always have and probably always will. I like Spy Optic’s casual shades, however, and have a pair of the matte black Dirk model that I think is particularly rad. I asked the guys at Fuse to outfit me with a set of custom lenses for the Dirks, in their Polarized Blaze Mirror variety. If you go on Fuse’s website, you’ll encounter a truly dizzying array of lenses (here, for example, is the page of lenses for the aforementioned Dirks), for an even more dizzying array of glasses. So the upshot is you can outfit any shades you currently have with the look and optics that you prefer. You can even get blingy optical grade lenses (for not much more, either!) to sharpen your sight while using their products. So you can refresh a set of shades don’t wear so much any more, replace some broken or scratched lenses, and just make your eyewear a little more particular to you, which is rad. And if they don’t have your particular frames around, they can still make you custom lenses, which is nuts. You send them the frames, they work some engineering magic, and soon you have their lenses in your frames.


Aside from all the cool product stuff, there’s a good amount of know-how there, too. I always worry about changing lenses in my sunglasses, as I’m pretty sure I’m going to rush things and break something. For that, they have some really sensible and clear videos that explain how to do it without destroying an expensive pair of shades.


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  1. Linda Parkinson says:

    Excellent presentation!!!! By my very astute nephew!!!!

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