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Jason Dailey

Top Results:

  • Completed my first full Ironman

Personal Records:

  • PR in my Ironman. . .had a great race plan that fit me perfect and gave me a great result.

Personal Experience:

I have really enjoyed having Chris as a coach. Not only does he knows his stuff but he is awesome at effectively communicating it with me. He has provided me training plans that push me and make me a stronger, fitter athlete, but without injuries, illness, etc that I see so many others experience. I have never been an endurance athlete before and so for me to do the volume necessary for an Ironman and stay healthy speaks to how good Chris is at knowing his athletes and what they can do. Chris also helped me a lot with my race weight. I had plateaued for about 2 years and really felt like I needed to lose just a few more pounds to be at my goal race weight but just couldn’t shed it. Chris analyzed my diet and had me change things up quite a bit. Following the his guidance on the macronutrients and timing of when I ate made all the difference I needed. Chris also provided me a very detailed race plan for my Ironman. Without that plan and guidance on what to expect, I know I couldn’t have had the success I had on race day.