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Greg Dufour

Top Results:

  • IM Canada 2014 10: 48 (PR for IM distance, had an amazing day!)
  • Pac Crest 2014 Long Course 5: 01:30 Had a great day, run went really really well (not a PR for the half, but this is a long bike)

Personal Records:

  • Riding a massive volume during the training, at least 25% more than I had done previously.

Personal Experience:

I’ve been lucky enough to have Chris as a swim coach since January 2012, he pretty much taught me to swim at all, just two years later I swam a 1:11 at IM Canada! In January 2014 I decided to take on Chris as a full time coach, in preparation for my 2nd IM race, IM Canada. I have always been pretty self motivated and had no problems sticking to a training plan, however working with Chris allowed me to take my game tot he next level. Chris pushed me hard, and I definitely came close to over training a few times, but he pushed me hard without letting me go over the edge. The results were amazing I was faster in all 3 disciplines and took nearly 1 hour off my previous IM time. I will be working with him again in 2015 focusing on finally getting a sub 3:10 marathon, then the 703, and finally rounding out the year with some cycling races and cyclocross. I’m really looking forward to it.