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CBCG athletes compete across all distances, and focus on a spectrum of goals. We coach beginners and professional athletes, focusing on individual development, long-term progress, and happiness. Below you'll find a sampling of athletes we've worked with over the years, and some results of which we're totally proud.


Amy VanTassel

Chris offers the most individualized training I’ve ever followed. He is adamant about establishing lofty but realistic goals first, and then crafting an aggressive plan that works to boost my speed, but is realistic to execute. He crunches a ton of data, but presents it to me in understandable and useful ways. It’s evident he truly cares about me and my outcomes, and he definitely knows what I’m capable of more than I do.

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Annick Chalier

I have been working with Chris for a year now and quite simply it has changed my life. He has structured a training plan that has helped me excel in all of my triathlon disciplines, helped me accomplish more in my races than I could have dreamed of on my own, and facilitated my successful debut into cyclocross racing. But more than that, our regular contact through weekly checkins, emails, and text messages has given me regular access to a very successful, pro triathlete’s troubleshooting brain, a caring therapist, and a virtual pom pom carrying cheerleader.

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Bruce Winters

Even though this was my first experience with a coach. I feel that it was the biggest and most important part of my training and racing this season and a huge part of my success. Chris got me to understand that doing races throughout a season are important stepping stones toward your A race of the season, Or if you have multiple A races, and how to manage that. I also learned that it your in good shape it doesn’t take as long to recover as you think it does. Awesome experience for me and I can’t wait to have him coach me again.

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Carrie McCoy

Working with Chris has exceeding my expectations for a coach. I am a coach and I set the bar high. What I admire the most is that Chris puts his heart into his athletes and its clear how invested he is in their success on and off the race course. His investment in me helped me achieve a life long goal of qualifying for my pro card and we did it 2 years earlier then planned! I am looking forward to the season’s ahead as we take on the next chapter as a pro.

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Greg Dufour

I’ve been lucky enough to have Chris as a swim coach since January 2012, he pretty much taught me to swim at all, just two years later I swam a 1:11 at IM Canada! In January 2014 I decided to take on Chris as a full time coach, in preparation for my 2nd IM race, IM Canada. I have always been pretty self motivated and had no problems sticking to a training plan, however working with Chris allowed me to take my game tot he next level. Chris pushed me hard, and I definitely came close to over training a few times, but he pushed me hard without letting me go over the edge. The results were amazing I was faster in all 3 disciplines and took nearly 1 hour off my previous IM time. I will be working with him again in 2015 focusing on finally getting a sub 3:10 marathon, then the 703, and finally rounding out the year with some cycling races and cyclocross. I’m really looking forward to it.

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Jason Dailey

I have really enjoyed having Chris as a coach. Not only does he knows his stuff but he is awesome at effectively communicating it with me. He has provided me training plans that push me and make me a stronger, fitter athlete, but without injuries, illness, etc that I see so many others experience. I have never been an endurance athlete before and so for me to do the volume necessary for an Ironman and stay healthy speaks to how good Chris is at knowing his athletes and what they can do. Chris also helped me a lot with my race weight. I had plateaued for about 2 years and really felt like I needed to lose just a few more pounds to be at my goal race weight but just couldn’t shed it. Chris analyzed my diet and had me change things up quite a bit. Following the his guidance on the macronutrients and timing of when I ate made all the difference I needed. Chris also provided me a very detailed race plan for my Ironman. Without that plan and guidance on what to expect, I know I couldn’t have had the success I had on race day.

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Jennifer Greeve

Working with Chris far exceeded my expectations. He continually demonstrated his mastery with fitness /training metrics, race plans, sports nutrition, and both granular and holistic training & racing goals. The true benefits, for me, of working with Chris was tapping into his expertise in the area of training athletes to sharpen their mental game, and balancing out training, racing, work, and life. Overall, Chris is patient, professional, relatable, empathetic, and an incredible role model. Working with him, and being a member of the CBCG community, has been one of the most memorable facets of my training & racing life!

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Kirk Lacko

This is my first season working with Chris and I am thrilled to have him as my coach. I’ve known Chris for several years and have always admired his understanding of all multisport disciplines, work ethic, passion, and professional athletic acumen. I’m ready to take my performance to the next level and extremely confident that Chris can take me there. We share high–yet common goals which is reassuring to an athlete-coach ideal fit! In just the past few months I have recognized new potential through Chris’s guidance and coaching and I am very excited about our 2015 season together.

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Kyle McCall

When Chris started coaching me, I had no prior triathlon experience. I’d ran and raced bikes competitively prior, but hadn’t ever put the two together. Chris helped me dive into swimming and link together these three disciplines into a great first season of triathlon.

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Sarah Frye

Since 2011, Chris has coached me in completing my first full triathlon, my first full marathon, and he has helped me chip away at my marathon PR over 7 marathons. Along the way, he has also helped me set PRs across a variety of other events and distances. As a coach, Chris consistently demonstrates a fantastic combination of enthusiasm, patience, and professionalism. He has created training plans that fit well with my full‐time job and sometimes‐chaotic everyday life. Through his experience training and racing, Chris provides valuable insight and inspiration. With Chris’ guidance, I have been able to push my limits without becoming injured or burnt‐out. His knowledge about mechanics, recovery, nutrition, injury prevention, and mental game (aptitude) have helped me become a more accountable, more successful athlete.

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Shane Harrison

It sounds cliché, but training with Chris Bagg has altered the course of my life. I began training with Chris after having picked up triathlon as a very green amateur with very limited endurance sport experience. Chris shaped me into an endurance athlete. Working with him over four years, he has taken me from swimming 750m, cycling 20km and running 5km to coming 2nd in the Taiwan Half-Ironman, coming 11th in an international mountain-bike stage race and finishing a full Ironman: achievements I never thought possible. More than a coach, Chris has been my friend over this time. He has guided me not only through my training but also the fluctuations of life. I cannot recommend Chris Bagg highly enough.

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